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Wofi Lighting

There’s nothing worse than a cheap light fitting. In our industry cheap is often nasty, and when you’re dealing with electricity it makes sense to buy the best-made, best designed lighting you can afford. That’s why we focus so hard on quality, and that’s why Wofi lighting is one of our best-selling home lighting brands. Here’s some information about Wofi lights and why they’re so popular with our customers.

About Wolfi lights – Beautifully engineered, designed to delight

The very finest in German engineering sits at the heart of the Wolfi brand, a company founded back in 1959 by two enterprising German families, the Wortmanns and the Filzs.

Based in the lovely city of Meschede-Freienohl, Wofi have always been fascinated by new lighting technologies, developing high quality designs in response. They sell worldwide, have a huge distribution centre and also an office in China, taken on to service an increasing demand in overseas markets for their wonderful products.

A company that’s going places

Like us, Wofi is a company that’s going places. We like their style, the way they concentrate on both the appearance of a light and the tech behind it to create products that are seriously special. These days Wofi employs 180 talented people, whose expertise in design, development and logistics help keep the firm at the top of the heap. But they’re not stopping – it’s their mission to increase and develop the size of their current market share. We reckon they’ll manage it. If sheer beauty and quality has anything to do with it, they’ll probably make a great job of home lighting world domination!

Identifying fresh trends to fulfil your desires

The intervening decades have seen Wofi develop into a leading supplier to the European domestic lighting industry. They’re experts at identifying trends, jumping on board fast to fulfil people’s lighting design desires. As a result their large range of contemporary lighting harnesses great design, cutting-edge technology, functionality, quality and fair pricing. What more can you want?

Wofi LED lightbulbs deliver a warm, mellow feel

Being German, Wofi is Green by nature. They’ve pioneered wonderfully warm-white LED lights that don’t have that chilly blue light that old-school LEDs have. It’s warm and cosy, a thoroughly modern lighting system whose technical advantages outweigh those of conventional bulbs many times over. They use an impressive 80% less electricity while being five times as luminous, produce less heat, are not affected by vibrations and last for a very long time.

The Wofi lighting collection

Wofi are particularly well known for their extensive range of gorgeous rise and fall pendant lights. But they also manufacture wonderfully stylish ceiling lights, stunning floor lamps and spotlights, sleek modern table lamps and wall lights, plus a collection of reliable, attractive outdoor lights to make the most of your garden.

What do they say about themselves? The Wofi website says it all. In their words:

“Our single-minded determination to explore every aspect of lighting as an experience has earned us a trend-setting reputation within the industry that we not only feel obliged to live up to; we also see it as a spur to further efforts. We know exactly what each of our customers wants from us: a well-defined product range that combines functionality, quality, attractive pricing and a great service.”

We love lighting

We don’t just sell lighting. We love it, and it shows. If you need to ask questions, feel free to get in touch to talk to one of our lighting professionals. Or pop into our fantastic new showroom on the Wye Estate in High Wycombe. You won’t believe your eyes!