Gold Lighting – Glittering, Sophisticated and Seriously On-Trend

Gold Lighting

It has been a while. A long while. A very long while, in fact. Interior decorators have avoided metallics for many years, since the money-mad ’90s, which is why it’s such a lovely surprise to see gold, silver, copper, brass and other shiny metals taking their place in every interior design magazine worth its salt. The trend has been growing since 2016, when the first early adopters took it home, and now it has gone mainstream. Are you going gold?

While everything that glitters isn’t necessarily gold, it’s definitely golden… here’s our take on the latest hot trend for gold lighting, starring the latest, greatest collection from wonderful Wofi, a popular lighting brand known and loved for staying on the right side of interior fashion.

Buy gold lighting – Precious, beautiful and warm

The colour gold simply shouts warmth. It’s the colour of our sun, of precious jewellery, of everything that’s good in life.  Now you can welcome that magical brightness and luxurious warmth back into your home thanks to the hottest new trend around. Welcome to the brave, bold new world of golden lighting.

What do the interior design trend-setters say?

What are the design experts saying about the trend for luxurious metallics? Plenty, as it turns out.

“A touch of gold for good measure in an immaculate room will instantly lift its aesthetic.”

“Gold, brass, silver, bronze and rose gold have been popular for a while, and they’re not going anywhere soon.” The Independent – Click to read.

“Golds and brass warm up a space and reflective surfaces bounce light around a room and using a few well-chosen pieces as accents create a glamorous and affluent look no matter what your individual style.” (Kimberly Duran, Interior Designer and Blogger – Click to read.

“Gold finishes have been around for eons – it’s classic, it’s beautiful and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.” Click to read.

“Since Apple brought out the much anticipated rose-gold iPhone, it appears as though everything else has also gone shiny too. We cannot get enough of gold jewellery, watches, stationery and clothing. And our homes and interiors are soon to follow suit.” Click to read

Inspirational gold-based interiors on Pinterest

One of the best ways to get inspiration for your home is via Pinterest. We’ve found this fabulous page that covers gold interiors of all sorts. Here’s a link.

Wofi – Golden lighting to die for!

Wofi’s 2018 catalogue is inspired by gold. It contains page after page of luscious lighting in stunning metallic finishes, beautifully designed and crafted with quality at its heart. There’s everything from space-age, mid-century vintage-inspired overhead lighting to stunning table and wall lights with luxurious metallic finishes. But if you’re searching for a feature light, something that’ll make your guests gasp in admiration, more a work of art than a mere light, Wofi delivers that too.

Our customers particularly love Wofi’s brilliant swirl designs, a series of elegantly simple, organic swirling, curving, ribbon-like shapes forming an open light shade that allows the metal to sparkle to its most dramatic effect. Try their Russel and Loris collections for a start.

If you fancy something simpler, the gorgeous circular gold lights from the Lauren and Granada collections are a masterpiece in cool, and fans of nature will adore the golden, plant-inspired Hampton collection with their modern take on Art Nouveau sinuousness. Last but not least, Wofi’s Fara collection offers wonderfully simple yet dramatic spherical lights in silver and gold finishes, both pendants and table lights.

Inspired to go for gold? You can check out the entire 2018 Wofi catalogue here. If you’re finding it tricky to make the best choice – and who wouldn’t with all those fab designs to choose from – our lighting-obsessed people will be thrilled to help. Just get in touch.