Everlight LEDs are big and growing bigger – About High Output LEDs

High Output LED Lighting

The energy world is changing super-fast right now, with battery storage undergoing a dramatic revolution and cleaner, greener low energy lighting the biggest thing since sliced bread. We thought it was high time we examined the magical world of high output LEDs – welcome to Everlight lighting.

About high output LEDs from Everlight

As you can imagine, we know our lighting stuff. And when we think top quality LEDs, we automatically think Everlight . Everlight is a market-leading maker of innovative LED lighting designed to enrich lives, improve society as a whole and safeguard our planet for the future, a series of hugely worthwhile goals in a world where the stability of our climate is a priority.

Changing the way we experience light

LED has actually changed the way we see light. No more inefficient incandescents or CFLs, both of which are fast being phased out. They’re replaced by contemporary, kinder lighting technology that delivers warm, traditional light as well as cooler, more contemporary white light, all using a mere fraction of the energy of old-school bulbs and with more or less no environmental damage. It really is the lighting of the future.

Both making and using LEDs uses a great deal less energy than power-hungry incandescents and CFLs. Everlight ‘s LED lighting means your environmental impact is cut back dramatically, with no mercury or other toxic materials that mar the appeal of traditional lighting tech. Their light bulbs harness a clever array of light-emitting diodes to create that lovely, rich, warm light we love without so much as a flicker. And while an ordinary old bulb lasts less than two years, a Everlight LED keeps on going for two decades or more… wow!

Beautiful, glare-free diffused light for relaxing and working

At the same time, Everlight’s LEDs give off much more natural-looking light than a CFL, a light that’s just as warm as the glow you get from an old incandescent bulb, making everything look more vibrant and lifelike. Their bulbs come with a unique diffusing lens and reflector system that provides the best possible light distribution, softly washing your home’s walls but also capable of providing beautifully lit work surfaces. No glare and no hot spots. Just lots of fabulous radiant light.

100,000 hours of brilliant life from just one light bulb

Imagine a bulb that lasts as long as a hundred thousand hours. That means you might never have to change another light bulb again. Everlight ‘s bulbs come with the industry’s longest running warranty, guaranteed to burn six hours a day, seven days a week, for 10 years. If not, they’ll replace it without any questions. But that’s unlikely since the majority of their bulbs are designed to last at least 23 years. That’s what we call impressive, since 100,000 hours is at least fifty times the life of an ordinary incandescent bulb and five times the life of an everyday CFL bulb.

Buy Everlight powered lights here!

And where can you buy these remarkable, amazing objects? From us, of course! As well as a vast range of stunning contemporary and traditional lighting of every imaginable kind, we stock Everlight high output LEDs…  and our customers can’t get enough of them.