Classical Wall Lights – A subtle way to illuminate your home

Classic Wall Lights

When you want lots of bright light to work or get busy with your favourite hobby, a central ceiling light is the perfect solution. But you don’t always want or need blazing, bright light, especially in the evenings when it’s best for your health and well-being to tone the lighting down gently in preparation for a great night’s sleep. Wall lighting is gentler, subtler and when you fit low-energy light bulbs you can create some beautiful effects, mellow and chilled.

Contemporary wall lighting is very popular, but there’s also a huge demand for classical wall lights, in the shape of twin versions with space for two bulbs, gorgeous uplighters and single wall lights. The all-time classic is the candle-style light, many of which don’t need a lampshade, just a bulb. A candle bulb is a great choice, designed to look like a candle flame and available in energy-saving yet very effective LED or halogen. The ‘bent tip’ ones are fabulous with their quirky hand-blown glass look which mimics a flickering flame.

Brass is traditional, a beautiful golden colour, while polished nickel is more contemporary with its high silvery sheen and dramatically reflective surface. Aged brass, dark bronze and black-gold finish fittings deliver an antique look and dramatic matte black has a medieval feel, bringing castles and lovely old mansion houses to mind. If you want to create a pretty, dreamy look – brilliant for bedrooms – you can also buy wall lighting in purest white, a superb ivory-gold, distressed cream or a silver-gold finish, all wonderfully pale, cool and calm.

Some of our wall lights have an fabulous luxury feel that’s straight out of a Hollywood vintage movie, complete with subtly coloured transparent brown and gold glass chunks wired together in a half circle, bringing retro 1970s styling back with a bang. Some have clear glass shades to reveal the bulb inside, a great idea when today’s lightbulbs can be so beautiful, mini works of art. Some come with toning or contrasting metal shades and others with regular fabric shades, designed to sit back and let your home décor do the talking. Some are fancy, others are perfectly plain.  There’s something for everyone, for every taste.

Beautiful Azzardo Lights – Design innovation for a bright future

Not that we’re boasting or anything… but our showroom has the biggest display of Azzardo lighting in the country, more than 370 designs including some simply stunning classical wall lights. Italian-inspired styling, great quality and plenty of incredibly pleasing quirkiness sit at the heart of everything Azzardo does, and we’re always excited to see what they’ll come up with next.

Their wall lights are contemporary classics in their own right, not far short of works of art, either slimline and sleek, highly colourful or so subtle and cool they almost disappear against the wall. There are some truly amazing designs inspired by nature and machinery,  some looking very like exotic seeds and some refer to the sinuous appearance of snakes. Others are totally, wonderfully simple and elegant, a mere strip of metal beautifully crafted.

Focusing on contemporary good looks and known for their bold designs, Azzardo lighting is designed to make an impact, full of drama. But you don’t have to create a contemporary interior to buy Azzardo. In fact today’s latest trend for classic styling, mix ‘n’ match interiors and hippy chic design means their lights are the perfect solution when you want to create an eclectic finish to thrill the senses, full of quirky interest, character, colour, texture and fun.

About Azzardo lighting – The ultimate in cool styling

 Azzardo is a respected European lighting manufacturer. They create a truly luxurious collection of contemporary lighting from well-known designers. Their lighting is carefully categorised into a several distinct collections, for example the Avan Garde, Futuris, Designo, Alien, Nord, Industrial, Aqua and Technica range, all of which group complementary designs together in one place, something which is really helpful for customers.

Discover the magic of classical wall lighting

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