It’s autumn – Time to buy stunning outdoor pedestal lights!

Outdoor Pedestal Lights

Isn’t it amazing how quickly summer turns to autumn? One day the light is clear and bright, unmistakably summery, the next it has completely changed with that cooler, flatter autumn glow. The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness is upon us, and our thoughts are turning to outdoor lighting to help combat the gloom and show us the way! This month is the perfect time to explore the wonderful world of outdoor pedestal lights. Here goes.

Choose Norlys pedestal lighting for cool Scandinavian good looks

Some homes are traditional, others contemporary. If you’re not keen on the traditional pedestal light, the kind that look like the lamp in Narnia that the children discover on the other side of their magic wardrobe, Norlys is an excellent brand to explore. As well as creating lovely traditional designs, their modern outdoor pedestal lights are quite simply wonderful.

Because Norlys lighting is of Scandinavian origin, their products are developed to resist the dramatic Scandinavian climate, a place with vast temperature variations, powerful winds and salty air. If you live in an exposed place like the coast or on top of a hill, a sooty city or somewhere with a particularly tricky micro-climate, you can rely on Norlys lights to stay looking good and working perfectly for years and years to come. They even provide a generous anti-corrosion guarantee.

Often combining several metals into one design, Norlys painted light fixtures benefit from a high level, complex surface treatment before being coated with powder. That’s what we call rugged… and they’re beautiful too, packed with cool Scandinavian style.

Norlys’ huge range of gorgeous galvanized steel fixtures make for superb decorative outdoor lighting, immersed in a liquid bath to give them an incredibly strong galvanised iron-zinc alloy finish. This finish is actually harder than steel and resists damage in the most amazing way, protecting your outdoor pedestal lights from scratches, knocks and corrosion. It isn’t unusual for a Norlys outdoor light to last as long as a quarter of a century and still look like new.

Feiss lighting’s handsome outdoor lamp posts

We also stock Feiss lighting, fresh from the USA and another popular brand with quality at its heart. They date back to 1955, when Murray Feiss started off making porcelain figurine lamps complete with pretty shades made by hand by his mum. What a great story! These days Feiss maintains the highest standards in materials and workmanship, creates products with love and integrity, superior quality, and a broad range of prices, all with traditional good looks.

Fabulous exterior pedestal lights by Action Lighting, Wofi and Elstead

Variety is the spice of life, and we’re delighted to also sell stunning outdoor pedestal lamps from the enormously popular and widely respected brands Elstead, Wofi and Action Lighting.

Elstead manufactures pedestal lights especially for coastal areas where salty winds cause havoc with ordinary finishes. They’re designed to be corrosion proof and resist impacts, made from rugged, handsome black polymer material with opal polycarbonate diffusers, perfect for the difficult coastal weather conditions that so many of us in our island nation have to contend with.

Lua 308 Small Outdoor LightIf you’re looking for a small outdoor light the Wofi Lua 308 Small Outdoor Light is an attractive globe shaped light made of white break-proof plastic, lovely and smooth so that the dirt and dust slides off. Its also stabilised for UV and heat, being temperature resistant from -40 to 70 degrees centigrade. That’s tough!

And Action’s Manhattan range is lovely, offering the chance to buy matching exterior wall and post lights at affordable prices, perfect for creatively lighting your garden and pathways for beauty and safety.

Find out more from Tor!

Our talented showroom manager Tor Farrelly has almost 20 years’ lighting experience. Ask him anything you like about our world and he’ll have an answer for you. If you’re not totally sure which style or brand of outdoor lights to buy, he’ll be able to give you sensible advice based on your circumstances. Feel free to call Tor – he’s always happy to help!